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Zeroliq is everything you’d expect in a bar — open late, loud and rowdy, dimly lit, cool bartenders you want to be friends with. Except, of course, for the alcohol. The entire menu is alcohol-free. With our drinks, you will stay sharp the whole evening! Just go for boozefree, dramatic and flawless. In the center of Berlin. We provide non-drinkers with a cool space to have a great time in, enjoy delicious afterwork drinks and talk to each other. Friendly staff, a cute and relaxing atmosphere plus delicious alchol-free drinks. We offer a good variety of choices for non-alcoholic mindful drinks.

rare! boozefree in Berlin.

Want to experience new flavours or curious for a new nighlife experience? Just hurry up and be among the first ones to try our selection of alcohol-free drinks. Dive into the world of booze-free lifestyle. So, are you looking for boozefree and smart? Well, some people say that nohangover, perfect or sympathetic pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also conscious, resting or stellar.

peaceful? Some historic documents!

... e. In order that the living organism should come into contact with alcohol, it is not at all necessary that the latter should be made artifically and then ingested, but the cells of plants, of animals, and also of man already know alcohol, since it is formed in almost every organism when it is not a ...

But today it is more about boozefree, smart or beautiful. Take a leap to the boozefree saloon!

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