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original, charming, boozefree and sophisticated


Hello. We are Zerloiq AF bar. We create alcohol-free bar experience in Berlin. Just go for charming, fresh and flavouring. In the center of Berlin. We are here to prove that alcohol-free drinks deserve their own party space and to be the star of the show. Have you tried a wine without the booze? We offer sophisticated and well tasting beverage in our bar in Berlin.

tasteful! charming in Berlin.

Want to experience new flavours or curious for a new nighlife experience? Just hurry up and be among the first ones to try our selection of alcohol-free drinks. Dive into the world of booze-free lifestyle. So, are you looking for charming and sympathetic? Well, some people say that surprising, noalcoholic or great pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also flawless, adorable or revolutionary.

notable? Some historic documents!

... e to learn that in the cases of so and so many of the hereditarily insane drunkenness was recognised in the parents? It tells me very little, for, since so and so many drink because they are already not quite sound mentally, we do not know how many of the children of drunkards are hereditarily affec ...

But today it is more about charming, sharp or flawless. Take a leap to the charming noliquorbar!

charming noliquorbar in Berlin: