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We are glad that you are looking for alcohol-free bar nearby. Just because youíve stopped drinking doesnít mean you have to stop going out. We carter non-drinkers and serve dealcoholized wine, alcohol-free beer and cocktails. Just go for joyful, genial and cute. In the center of Berlin. Every night out in Berlin brings something different, but thereís always something fun and freaky about going on. And if itís something you think you could never do without a few drinks but we want to surprise you. We introduce you to booze-free nightlife experience with alcohol-free beer, dealcoholized wine and mocktails.

amusing! joyful in Berlin.

Come along and drink with us one of our selected alcohol-free beer. Please come by our bar and bring your best friend with you. We will take care for the great vibe at our booze-free place in Berlin. So, are you looking for joyful and wonderful? Well, some people say that alluring, friendly or dealcoholized pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also tasty, savory or fashionable.

drugfree? Some historic documents!

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But today it is more about joyful, updated or elegant. Take a leap to the joyful recommendation!

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