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Welcome to the web-site of the first booze-free bar in Berlin. In a cosy atmosphere of a bar, you can enjoy signature drinks created by our bartenders. Dive into the savouring experience and inspiring conversations in an outstanding bar atmosphere. Just go for novel, noalcoholic and bohemian. In the center of Berlin. We provide non-drinkers with a cool space to have a great time in, enjoy delicious afterwork drinks and talk to each other. Friendly staff, a cute and relaxing atmosphere plus delicious alchol-free drinks. We offer a good variety of choices for non-alcoholic mindful drinks.

experienced! novel in Berlin.

Let inspire you with the idea of being able to go out without destroying the body and mind the next day. Be curious. Be different. Be booze-free. So, are you looking for novel and nohangover? Well, some people say that cheerful, creative or attractive pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also easy, marvellous or savory.

fascinating? Some historic documents!

... people other than children use alcohol not for use of alcohol not for stupefaction, but for stupf action, but for Stimulation. They are under quite different conditions, which will be particularly emphasised in the scientific part. The craving for constantly repeated stupefaction is lacking with th ...

But today it is more about novel, adorable or chill. Take a leap to the novel soberbar!

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