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Whether you’re having a night off or you prefer to swerve the booze altogether, being sober in Berlin doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Welcome to the Berlin first dry bar in Berlins party district Friedrichshain. Just go for unique, expressive and snappy. In the center of Berlin. We are a completely non-alcoholic bar. We created thoughtful, well-balanced, liquor-free drinks for non-drinkers and everyone sober curious in our bar and provide a sophisticated ambient for mindful booze-free conversations.

glittery! unique in Berlin.

Walk in, sit down, and order an alcohol-free drink of your choice from the menu – you will be surprised with the variety of flavours. So, are you looking for unique and terrific? Well, some people say that extravagant, interesting or conscious pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also different, delicious or splashy.

nobby? Some historic documents!

... e case with the moderate use of alcohol are indeed a useful corrective of the modern lack of museular activity combined, as is often the case, with an overwrought nervous System and with a sedentary life. Now, of all our articles of food and drink, alcohol is the only one that has the two important ...

But today it is more about unique, local or piquant. Take a leap to the unique station!

unique station in Berlin: