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hospitable, urbane, sleek and nohangover


Not just for Dry January, we are a permanent alcohol-free bar in Berlin. We offer alcohol-free IPA, dealcoholized wine and a range of creatively mixed cocktails. Just go for urbane, unique and brand-new. In the center of Berlin. We offer booze-free beer, wine and cocktail to everyone who is curious and interested to experience new flavours. We are the first booze-free bar based in Berlin. We love the booze-free bar experience and mindful drinking time. We serve virgin cocktails, beverage made without alcoholic ingredients.

trendy! urbane in Berlin.

So if you’re in Berlin and need a special evening out this is the place. This will become your favourite spot in the city. So, are you looking for urbane and elegant? Well, some people say that new, hangoverfree or tasteful pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also commodious, fancy or delicious.

nice? Some historic documents!

... ated crime is much more rare. We must not entertain the delusion that dangerous criminality is affected by restriction in the matter of drinking. We find, then, that the causes of excessive drinking are, first, mental abnormities and, second, the association of misfortune with weakness of character ...

But today it is more about urbane, smooth or excellent. Take a leap to the urbane space!

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