FAQ - the answer to your questions...

When are you open?

We focus on the weekend and open every week from Thursday to Saturday. We currently have shortened times from 5 to 10 p.m. for virus and health resons.

Are you just a pop-up or are you permanently open?

We are open permanently. Of course, we are trendsetters with our alcohol-free bar. But the positive response shows that it is more than just a hype. For many – especially for younger committed people – it has become a lifestyle

Do you have anything to eat?

Our focus is on drinks. For the small hunger, however, we offer a small selection of highly recommended vegan tapas. Just take a look at our menu!

Why did you start Zeroliq?

So far there has been no place in Berlin where bar atmosphere and non-alcoholic drinks come together. We wanted to create this place. A bar for everyone who likes cocktails, craft beer and wine and can leave the alcohol aside.

Where does the name of your bar come from?

Our name stands for alcoholfree drinks and spirits. “Zero” stands for zero percent. “Liq” is the abbreviation of liquor.

Was habt ihr für Getränke?

Wir haben über 30 Sorten alkoholfreie Biere. Und dann noch Getränke aus Cabernet- und Riesling-Trauben, teilweise entalkoholisierter Wein teilweise auch fermentierte Traubengetränke mit außergewöhnlichem Geschmack. Es geht also immer um eine Geschmacksexpedition.

Do you also have special drinks?

Yes, we would like to invite you to experiment: for example with grape juice that does not ferment alcoholically, but is fermented like sauerkraut.

What is particularly important to you with the drinks?

We have tested hundreds of varieties of wines, beers and non-alcoholic spirits and selected the best of them for our menu. The quality of the products is absolutely crucial for us. We want to be a bar where guests can be sure that not only do the cocktails taste good, but that we have also selected the best from the wide range of beers, wines and spirits.

Do you differentiate between alcohol-free or without alcohol?

Alcohol-free in Germany means that a maximum of 0.5% alcohol may be contained. Without alcohol means 0.0% alcohol is included. On our card you will find the exact amount of alcohol labeled for each product.

What kind of cocktails do you offer?

Diversity is important to us when it comes to cocktails and long drinks. A straight drink is, for example, “Jamaica Cane” with non-alcoholic rum from Jamaica. A rather sweet cocktail then “Carrot Cake”. Something very stylish is a cocktail with cold filtered coffee and chocolate. Just take a look at our menu!

Who visits your bar?

Our guests are as different as Berlin itself, we are open to everyone. We are a place where you should feel comfortable. A place with a nice atmosphere, good music, delicious drinks and maybe relaxed conversations with guests. Everyone who appreciates this open atmosphere comes to us: neighbors, Berlin visitors, night owls or people who want to drink a beer after work. Going out in Berlin. Berlin as a metropolis offers many different options – we are simply one of the options.

Is a bar without alcohol still a bar?

Sure. We mix cocktails, there is suitable background music, the atmosphere fits. Simply a real bar. It’s primarily about the mood and not just about whether alcohol is served. The mood is very important to us. It’s more than just drinking something quickly, because I could do that in front of the beverage market or at a gas station.

How is your bar different from a juice bar?

The ambience. And it is about alcohol-free distillates, cocktails, long drinks, craft beer. That is a different target group. We are not a youth club, not a juice bar and not a canteen. We are just a bar.